Lockdown in Michigan

On Wednesday, November 18th, 2020, Wayne County in the state of Michigan went on lockdown. This is the second lockdown in the state so far this year, with the last one being in Spring 2020. Of course, this is a response to coronavirus rates dramatically rising as of recent. In order to keep its citizens safe, the state has yet again gone on lockdown to where citizens are only allowed to leave for essentials and can not meet for public gatherings. This is all done in order to keep the people of Michigan safe from the covid-19 virus.

The Effect of a State Lockdown

How effective exactly is a lockdown in the state? The answer to that depends on the citizens themselves. The state's job is to make sure people only leave their house for essentials and do not meet in public gatherings. Although the state is providing these restrictions, it is up to the people of Michigan to follow this procedure and be compliant with the rules. Due to this, people have been furious at the state as they are not allowed to meet as a family for Thanksgiving dinner coming up soon. Regardless, it's important to follow these rules. As Joe Smith, a fellow citizen in Wayne County, says, citizens should understand that these requirements have been set in place in order to keep them safe. The more the people comply, the faster this lockdown will end. So with that being said, wear a mask, follow the lockdown rules, and most importantly: stay safe!